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Programme management for airports

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COWI's ability to tailor programme management to a specific programme is based on a number of factors, such as our experience in working with public and private clients and our experience from a large number of projects in the air transport sector.

We also have in depth knowledge of the consultancy and construction sector in the regions we are present.

Procurement strategies

Procurement strategies are important elements of the programme management.

Though a procurement strategy finds its basis in the nature of the project, the national legislation and regional market must be taken into consideration at an early stage.

The combination of a strong centralised knowledge base and regional presence gives COWI the ability to design the optimum procurement strategy for the client leading to the right balance between quality, time and cost.

Design management

Larger modern airports are growing into multimodal airport cities. Commercial revenues are getting more and more important for the ability of the airport to deliver a quality product to passengers and business partners.

In this context complexity is constantly growing and visionary design management is getting increasingly important in order to be able to follow the dynamic changes in a volatile aviation sector.

Design of larger airport projects includes balancing demands from a comprehensive variety of stakeholders into a succesful symbiosis.

Complex legal frameworks are defining strict ruels for operations on the airside, in the terminals and towards the surrounding societies.

Transforming the design input into state of the art, efficient and flexible infrastructure is obtained by utilizing the combined competences of the three COWI spheres - engineering, economics and environment. 

LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2017