Light rails

Photo: COWI
COWI is an international specialist in light rail engineering. Our highly professional staff are committed to developing efficient and innovative solutions within multi-disciplinary light rail and infrastructure projects.

COWI provides strong expertise within the railway and light rail disciplines shown in the circle below:   


Our services cover the whole project life cycle from feasibility study through preliminary and final design, supervision, operation and maintenance.

We combine this with extensive project management, strategic planning, risk and safety management, procurement and tender management, environmental, social and climate assessment, transport economy and traffic projections, economic and financial studies and quality assurance.

Light rail specialistsDue to the wide range of services provided by COWI our consultants have extensive experience in undertaking complex multi-disciplinary railway, light rail and infrastructure projects with an emphasis on synergy of the expertise and efficient technologies.

Our staff are used to working together across diverse professional areas, across national borders and cultures, different educational backgrounds and collaborate efficiently on multidisciplinary assignments.

CustomersCOWI works for public railway infrastructure owners, national railway authorities as well as international donor organisations. COWI also works as a consultant for private railway organisations, railway operators and contractors.


LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2017