Feeder roads

Photo: COWI
Feeder Roads are a key element in a countries transport network, providing essential links to and from rural communities.

COWI has many years experience in the development of solutions for clients from investment prioritisation and design to policy and programme support.

Adding value to processes and achieving goals be it pro-poor economic growth, poverty reduction or empowering local administrations.

Comprehensive solutions

We have developed solutions for the ranking of investments in feeder and rural road rehabilitation and maintenance, including economic, environmental and social criteria. These have been adopted by many Governments and are still operating.

For many years, COWI has been actively involved in the development of labour-intensive methods together with road administrations in developing countries. This has also included a mixture of labour and plant based methods, particularly in performance based maintenance contracting. This is complemented by our in-house experience in feeder and rural road design, tendering, construction supervision and maintenance.

Backed by our years of experience, COWI is able to offer support in institutional support at all levels of institutions. This includes specification and procurement process support, policy and programme development, work programme optimisation, standards, contract documentation and management systems, and training of contractors.

LAST UPDATED: 31.05.2017