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Material investigations for pavements

Photo: COWI
Material investigations have a profound impact on the pavement alternatives that can be considered. COWI covers all aspects of investigations, from soil surveys and assessment of borrow pits and quarries to laboratory investigations of existing and candidate pavement materials.

Due to our extensive experience in material investigations, our staff is able to solve the often complex interplay between material conditions, land use, environmental issues and economic conditions.

Field and laboratory investigations

Our services cover field investigations and laboratory testing and analysis. In order to maintain our ability to offer services of the highest quality, we invest heavily in research and development.

Areas of expertise

COWI is spearheading implementation of asphalt recycling, taking into account ageing resistance of the bitumen. Upgrading of marginal materials through stabilization with natural pozzolans or industrial by-products has been implemented successfully on several projects. Knowledge gained in these two areas has reaped positive financial results for several clients, and promises to produce viable and sustainable solutions in the future.

LAST UPDATED: 29.05.2017