Pavement maintenance

Pavement maintenance and maintenance planning cover a number of activities, including evaluation of the condition, repair strategy and alternatives and estimation of the consequences of the interventions.

In COWI we see the objective of pavement maintenance as that of preserving the structural and functional condition at an acceptable level. This is achieved by carrying out timely routine and periodic maintenance as long as these activities are economically feasible.

At the the end of a pavement's lifetime, pavement maintenance activities include determination of the most cost-effective restoration of the pavement condition, based on the pavement condition, economic constraints and future traffic.

Condition evaluation tools

COWI utilises traditional and state-of-the-art condition surveying ranging from visual surveys and registration to measurements by means of  Benkelman Beam, LWD, FWD, laser profiling technology, and geo-radar. Analyses are performed by means of standard software such as ELMOD, MMOP, MEPDG, PCASE, or in-house developed software.

Data handling and economic analysis

COWI uses dedicated standard data base systems, such as e.g. the MicroPAVER or HDM-4 for organizing and analysing data. Maintenance alternatives are determined in consideration of available materials and technology and evaluated with regard to  efficiency and economy according to recognized standards, such as World Bank compliant methods.

The use of standardized software facilitates the transfer to the client after the completion of a project.

LAST UPDATED: 29.05.2017