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Inventories of contaminated sites

Photo: COWI

Site inventories based on historical information provide an overview of potentially contaminated sites. COWI has years of experience in inventories on national, regional and local levels.

Site inventories of potentially contaminated sites within a specific geographical area are based on information on site history and vulnerability of the environment and in some cases inspections and sampling.

The overall objective of a site inventory is to identify potential present and former contamination sources.

Ranking of sites

The result of the inventory may be ranking of sites in terms of the assessed environmental and human health risk for each site.

In addition, we often prepare contaminated sites management plans prioritising sites for further investigation.

Inventory and associated management plans may also include capacity strengthening of central and regional environmental authorities and reviews of existing national legislation and on management of contaminated sites.

Our services

COWI carries out inventories for the authorities and for industrial clients using new information retrieval tools, data processing and map production techniques.

Our experience ranges from inventory overviews on national levels to detailed inventories of industrial estate areas.

LAST UPDATED: 25.01.2016