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​​COWI advises clients on groundwater management, dewatering and groundwater control on construction and infrastructure projects.

​On most projects where the construction phase includes work below the groundwater table, it is possible to optimize the project, reducing time and costs by integrating construction methods and installations for groundwater control early in the project. In this way, the risks are managed early in the process, possible environmental impacts are limited, and the regulatory process is optimized.

COWI are experts in understanding groundwater conditions on construction sites and in developing optimized installations for groundwater control.

COWI has extensive experience with groundwater control projects for residential and commercial buildings, metros, tunnels, bridges, roads, railways, airports, landfills and pipelines.

COWI's project solutions for groundwater control focus on incorporating groundwater control early in the process, managing/minimizing risks, optimizing design and construction methods, reducing costs and protecting the environment.

Managing the risks

We clarify the project's risks in relation to groundwater and hydrogeology through a due diligence based on existing data. This way we can identify areas with gaps in knowledge and identify and analyze risks in relation to the surrounding environment and nature as well as any buildings.

When the project requires it, we perform geological, hydrogeological and geophysical surveys of areas with uncertainty and lack of knowledge. We handle discussions with authorities during the design phase and obtain permits and approvals in time for construction.

Optimizing the design

We identify exact hydrogeological design parameters based on an analysis of the degree of detail, local conditions and construction needs. Often we perform groundwater modeling and calculate scenarios for optimizing construction methods in relation to groundwater control. This way we can determine water quantities, location of wells, need for monitoring and methodology for water purification.

Cost reductions

It is our experience that costs spent on groundwater studies and on defining strategies early in the project can reduce the total project costs later. We call our approach 'Invest early - save later'.

This means that we seek to perform early identification of groundwater risks through due diligence and ongoing monitoring. Similarly, early discussions with authorities result in better and faster permits and approvals of project solutions.

Climate focus

For large infrastructure assets and some large buildings, we evaluate the effect of climatic change and optimize the design parameters of the permanent structure for climate change effects.

COWI's services

COWI's services in the field of dewatering, groundwater management and groundwater control include

  • Due diligence assessments
  • Digital data management
  • Feasibility studies
  • (Wireless) groundwater monitoring
  • Hydrogeological baseline studies
  • (Hydro) geophysical surveys
  • 3D hydrogeological models
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Technical-financial optimization
  • Design of installations for groundwater control
  • Tender documents and tender process
  • Supervision Tasks

We bring our extensive experience from both large and small construction projects into new projects, and we are constantly developing new methods for dewatering and groundwater management – tailored to the individual project.

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LAST UPDATED: 02.03.2017