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​COWI's geophysics experts plan, supervise, carry out and interpret geophysical surveys worldwide.

COWI provides geophysical services for offshore and onshore wind farms, building and infrastructure construction, landfills, contaminated sites, aggregates and water resources.

Accurate information on ground conditions is important to limit construction risks and sustainable development of resources. We evaluate the benefit for carrying out geophysics on project, and when applied properly and early in the project, the interpreted results reduce project risks, costs and construction time schedules.

COWI are experts in mapping and understanding geological conditions. We develop digital 3D geological and geophysical models to assess site risks.

Managing the risks

We focus on applying the relevant geophysical method and assessment early in the process to manage/minimize risks, optimize design and construction methods, reduce costs and protect the environment. We clarify risks from soil conditions through an early study based on existing data.

Based on our risk assessment, we propose geological and geophysical surveys of areas with uncertainty and lack of knowledge. We work closely with experts in groundwater management if the risk assessment indicates a need for it.

COWI's services within geophysics:

We bring our extensive experience into each project. We tailor the survey to each problem and constantly develop methods. We provide:

  • Onshore geophysical surveys.
  • Offshore geophysical survey advisement.
  • Digital desktop studies based on existing data (due diligence assessments).
  • Feasibility studies, technical tender documents and supervision.
  • Assessment of seabed mobility and morphology.
  • Geological modeling (3D).
  • Geological risk assessment.
  • Interpretation of geological and geophysical data integrated with geotechnical drilling and CPT.
  • UXO modeling of magnetic data.
  • Cable burial risk assessment.

LAST UPDATED: 16.02.2017