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Geophysical equipment and methods

Photo: COWI

COWIs applies the following geophysical methods

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Electrical Resistivity Tomography
  • Seismic refraction
  • Seismic reflection
  • MASW
  • Vertical Seismic Profiling
  • Geophysical logging
  • Electromagnetics 

COWI employs the following in-house equipment to carry out geophysical services

  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Minibuggy Minivib II vibroseis seismic source
  • 3-component land streamer for P- and S- wave profiling
  • 200 m land streamer for P-wave seismic profiling
  • Geometrics Geode seismographs
  • Hydrostreamer for P-wave vertical seismic profiling
  • 3-component borehole sensor for S-wave VSP
  • Geophysical logging suite
  • Electrical Resistivity Tomography
  • EM61 metal detector
  • GEM2 frequency domain sensor

LAST UPDATED: 03.02.2017