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Environmental impact assessment and monitoring

Photo: Niels Åge Skovbo

COWI provides environmental impact assessments (EIA) for existing projects as well as for plans and programmes. This ensures that the environment is considered throughout the entire process.

Environmental impact assessment

Most, if not all, countries of the world require environmental impact assessments (EIA) to be carried out for projects which could have a significant adverse impact on the environment.

COWI carries out EIAs for a wide range of projects within infrastructure, transportation, urban and industrial development, energy, oil industry and waste management. Other related COWI services are environmental sensitivity mapping and modelling studies of the impact of tsunamis on coastal zones. 

Strategic environmental assessment

Strategic environmental and social assessments have been part of COWI's services since the late 1990's. COWI carries out a wide variety of environmental assessments of plans and programmes around the world as required in national legislations and/or in donor policies.

Environmental baseline and monitoring

COWI's services within EIAs and nature restoration include detailed terrestrial and marine baseline studies and monitoring of impacts during and after construction.

Consultancy throughout the environmental permit process

With staff specialising in environment, transport, law, communication and public hearing, COWI can offer consultancy throughout the entire environmental permit process, either as a comprehensive or specialised service.

LAST UPDATED: 03.12.2016