Environmental impact assessment

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
COWI carries out environmental impact assessments (EIA) and thereby contributes to our customers' sound environmental adjustment of their plans and projects.

COWI emphasises a close collaboration among our environmental specialists, the customer and the project designers during an environmental impact assessment (EIA study). In this way it is possible to adjust the design when undesirable environmental impacts are identified, thereby avoiding or minimising the impacts and the need for mitigation or compensation measures.

Participatory approach to EIAs

In accordance with international guidelines, we place emphasis on a participatory approach in carrying out EIAs. Contributions from stakeholders and the public are often mandatory and are likely to result in a smooth EIA process favourable to all parties.
COWI carries out EIAs all over the world for:

  • Major bridges, tunnels, causeways, roads, railways, light rail and metros
  • Harbours and airports
  • Urban and waterfront developments
  • Onshore and offshore oil field development and operation
  • Oil and gas pipelines, high voltage power lines
  • Refineries and manufacturing industries
  • Onshore and offshore wind farms

Staff expertise

COWI's staff includes experts in biology, environmental monitoring, air, noise, water and soil contamination, chemicals, numerical modelling, environmental law, graphical presentation, communication and public participation, and we are therefore able to advise through the entire EIA process.

LAST UPDATED: 02.12.2016