EIA related to structural and civil works

Photo: Niels Aage Skovbo
Execution of civil or structural works are often subject to approved environmental impact assessments (EIA) prior to start-up. COWI has extensive experience in carrying out EIA projects  for structural and civil works.

In many countries it is compulsory to undertake environmental impact assessments (EIAs) before starting civil or structural works, especially if there is a risk that the work may have negative impacts on the environment. This applies to new works as well as major extensions of existing civil structures or facilities.

Environmental impact assessmentAn EIA is an assessment of potential negative impacts from civil or structural works on the environment.

Regulations on EIA in general apply to technical plants and facilities such as roads, high-voltage plants, airports and railways, but often also to structural works within urban areas, nature rehabilitation projects and in relation to raw materials.

EIAs are undertaken in close cooperation with authorities and the general public.

COWI involved from the start

COWI is a part of the EIA process from the start. Our substantial experience and knowledge enable us to find an appropriate level of detail for each EIA assignment both in terms of EIA regulations and of resource consumption.

Our staff includes specialists in the environment, environmental law, communication and public participation. We advise throughout the entire EIA process, and our services include process consultancy and expert environmental consultancy including mapping of environmental issues and impact assessments, where there are demands for thorough documentation.


LAST UPDATED: 02.12.2016