AV and installations

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COWI can help you achieve good sound by combing PA-system design with room acoustics, deliver specification for AV-system design as well as handling noise and vibration from technical installations.

More and more focus is placed on intelligent buildings and infrastructure involving all sorts of technical installations indoor and outdoor, such as:

  • Public address systems (PA)
  • Voice alarm systems
  • IR and induction loops for hearing impaired
  • Artificial soundscapes and masking noise systems
  • Natural and electric lighting
  • Audio/video system
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation systems.

All of these have either an acoustic function or can cause noise problems – either on their own or by interfering with the sound insulation in a building. The COWI acoustic consulting team has wide experience in dealing with AV and installations, and we work together with both building contractors and manufacturers.

Public address systems

COWI's acoustic consulting regarding loudspeaker systems is delivered at different stages of the design phase; from setting up requirements through conceptual design and to detailed system design ready for the contractor.

With acoustics software, such as ODEON, EASE and Catt we can adjust the PA system to the acoustics of the room and, for example, predict the resulting speech intelligibility. This technique is often used for evacuation purpose or regular public address systems at stations, airports, ships, churches, tunnels, oil rigs, city squares etc.

For concert halls and arenas COWI has also worked with the integration of PA systems in room acoustic design in cooperation with the audio manufacturer. Examples of such assignments are Rockheim in Tronheim, Norway, and Holstebro Music Theater, Holstebro, Denmark.

Interface sound and light

COWI's acoustic consulting team works closely together with COWI's lighting design group and experts within intelligent buildings to ensure that light and sound create good experiences and fit in with the architecture and planning for indoor or outdoor purposes.

COWI offers both 3D visualisation and 3D auralisation, demonstrating a total experience of the integrated room acoustics, AV and lighting design, before final implementation.

LAST UPDATED: 08.06.2017