Buildings - acoustics, noise and vibration


Good acoustic quality is essential for any architectural construction. COWI's acoustic consultants ensure good sound environments customized the use of any building type.
Acoustics can be described with parameters for comparisons with requirements and guidelines or it can be described directly using sound examples. With modern software tools we are able to listen to the acoustics in a room even before it has been built, and we can control how sound and vibration moves through an entire building.

Building acoustics

We offer consultancy services for building acoustics and ensure good sound insulation between rooms and in terms of unwanted external noise such as road traffic noise.

For large buildings with multiple applications we use the building acoustics management software SONArchitect, which provides us with a good overview of how noise travels through an entire building.

Room acoustics

COWI has considerable expertise in the field of room acoustics - from small to large rooms with different acoustic purposes or even variable acoustics.

In schools, offices, stations and cultural buildings we use advanced room acoustics software such as ODEON for simulating room acoustics in terms of acoustic parameters and auralisation.

We help design the acoustics to fit the usage of a room, with the means of room geometry, furnishing, type and placement of sound absorption, sound diffusion or reflection.

Begin with acoustics, noise and vibration

Noise, vibration and wind are influenced by the location, shape and purpose of a future building and they therefore need early attention.

Even before the first drawing of a building is made, COWI carries out a survey on noise and vibration to prevent noise from travelling from a building to the surroundings and from the surroundings to the future users of the building. COWI participates in the subsequent phases of the building process. Our team of acoustic consultants further provide wind simulations for thermal comfort simulations or simulation of outdoor sound environments.

LAST UPDATED: 12.12.2016