Construction - acoustics, noise and vibration

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There are many good reasons for monitoring and subsequently limiting noise and vibration during construction work. COWI has extensive experience in calculating, evaluating and mitigating construction noise and vibration.

Noise and vibration from major construction projects is the subject of increased attention, especially from residents affected by construction noise. Therefore the authorities demand that noise and vibration during construction work is kept within the applicable noise limits.

Limiting noise and vibration during construction work is also essential for preserving the good reputation of the building contractor among neighbours to the construction work.

Predicting future noise levels

COWI predicts future noise levels in adjacent neighbouring areas from planned construction activities using the latest techniques and software programmes. This gives the responsible contractor the opportunity, where necessary, to select low-noise work schedules and processes and machinery that comply with noise regulations.

Effective solutions in noise and vibration abatement

COWI has extensive experience in monitoring construction noise and vibration and documenting how to comply with the required limits. We work in close contact with the contractor, the authorities and the neighbours and are skilled in managing noise complaints in an effective manner.

Our services include:

  • Measurement and calculation of noise and vibration from construction machinery
  • Noise and vibration reduction and mitigation measures
  • Regulatory processing with the authorities and dispensation
  • Noise reviews
  • Action plans for management of noise complaints
  • Monitoring structural health
  • Monitoring noise complaints.

LAST UPDATED: 13.02.2016