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Assessment and management of chemicals

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​​Chemicals are part of everyday life and we meet them in the processes and products that surround us, in the industrial sector and in all aspects of modern society.

​Chemicals are part of everyday life and we meet them in the processes and products that surround us, in the industrial sector and in all aspects of modern society.

Many chemical substances are potentially harmful to human health or the environment, either in regular use or in connection with spills or accidents. To minimise risks and impacts, a variety of national legislation and regulations, EU legislation and international conventions have been established.

COWI's chemical team evaluates chemicals using a full life-cycle approach and provides assessment of the effects, on man and on the environment.

Strategic choices on substitution

We assist whenever there is a need for better knowledge on chemicals in production processes, in consumer products, at construction sites or in farming practices.

In short - wherever it is useful to limit the release and potentially harmful dispersal of chemicals.

COWI assists companies and authorities in evaluating substances and products and supports key decision makers in making strategic choices on substitution of chemicals in relation to production value and risks. 

Assessments according to international standards

We perform assessments of environmental and human health hazards and risks from exposure to chemicals applying national as well as international guidelines and criteria. The results are used e.g. in relation to substitution of hazardous substances, to reduce risks during use of chemical products, in connection with issuing of environmental permits or approvals, or to establish environmental quality standards. 


COWI assists private companies in complying with the requirements in EU's chemicals regulation, REACH, as well as with classification of substances according to the new regulation on classification, CLP.

We also provide our services to authorities and organizations, for example with evaluating substances and products, preparing guidelines for implementation of complex chemical regulations and assessments of consequences related to current or future legislation.

From legislation to practice

COWI's chemicals section comprises not only chemical, toxicological and environmental expertise, but it also includes technical as well as legal experts thus enabling us to offer every aspect of relevant consultancy regarding chemicals issues. Our customers are national and international authorities and organisations as well as private and public enterprises. 

Cooperation with the best laboratories and knowledge centres

The level and need for chemical analyses or biological tests are tailored according to each costumer's need, and the best offer from a range of contract laboratories is selected. 

We cooperate with universities and other knowledge centres nationally and internationally to be able to draw on the highest expertise and most updated scientific knowledge available, whenever required.  

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