Environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology

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​​COWI assists companies and authorities worldwide in investigating and evaluating chemicals and their impact on the environment.

​Chemical products, materials and articles produced and utilized in our society, often involve the risk of chemical substances being emitted to the environment. Upon emission, the substances may via different routes spread into the environment and may affect animals, plants and ecosystems - and possibly us humans as well.

International legislation on chemicals (including the EU chemicals legislation, REACH) aims at minimising risks related to the production and use of chemicals, e.g. by requiring studies and assessments of the substances and their dispersal, degradation and possible effects in the environment.

COWI has extensive experience in assisting companies, organisations and authorities with environmental studies and environmental assessments of chemical substances and products, including pesticides and biocides.

Competencies in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology

COWI has extensive expertise and experience in areas such as:

  • Assessment and evaluation of chemical substances and products, including pesticides, for the purpose of classification and registration/approval
  • Survey and assessment of environmental issues associated with the production, use and disposal of chemical substances and products
  • Assessments of chemical dispersal, behaviour and transformation in different parts of the environment (water, soil, air and biota)
  • Establishing environmental quality standards for substances in water, sediment and soil based on internationally recognised principles and criteria
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of test programs for investigating occurrence, distribution and fate of releases of chemicals to the environment
  • Assessment of the potential effects of chemical substances on aquatic and terrestrial environments - from the species level to the system level
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of studies and tests to investigate the effects of chemical substances on organisms, primarily in the aquatic environment
  • Assessment of exposure of organisms and humans to chemicals in or through the environment
  • Specific assessments in relation to emissions and discharges of chemicals into the environment, for example in order to receive authorisations and discharge permits
  • Chemical and biological monitoring of chemicals in the environment.

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