Toxicology and health assessment

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​COWI offers all levels of health assessments/toxicological evaluation of chemicals and/or microorganisms that your company manufactures, uses or sells.

​We tailor solutions that fit your business - whether you want a toxicological evaluation and/or health assessment as part of your preventive work, due to regulatory requirements or due to customer requests.

Legal requirements

Your activities may be subject to health and safety legislation. If you use chemicals/microorganisms, your workplace assessments must take into account how these agents can be utilised safely.

Chemicals may also be subject to more specific health and safety legislation, such as work with epoxy/isocyanates or potentially carcinogenic substances. The manufacturing, use and marketing of chemicals are further covered by chemicals legislation, including REACH and CLP rules for classification and labelling.

Your company's products can also be subject to some product-specific legislation (e.g. cosmetics, biocides, medical equipment, electronics, toys and childcare articles).

In addition to giving you an overview of regulatory requirements, COWI assists in establishing the documentation needed in relation to the varying requirements for toxicological evidence in the relevant legislation.

Preventive work

If your company wants to stay ahead of the legislation, COWI offers you an overview of the use of chemicals in your business in order to build a chemicals management system and/or assist with the substitution of hazardous substances. Similarly, COWI assists in optimising your products, e.g. in response to requests from your customers.

Health assessment/toxicological profile

The depth and scope of COWI's health assessments and toxicological evaluations vary depending on data availability, your company's needs and regulatory requirements. An investigation may start with a general overview of available information in your organization and on the web/in the scientific literature. Some legislation requires that companies provide specific data and it may be necessary to initiate toxicology testing.

Based on the information gathered, COWI assesses the human health hazard and prepares toxicological profiles as agreed.

COWI's services

COWI can assist your company with:

  • Mapping existing knowledge about a substance (literature search
  • Planning and monitoring toxicity studies
  • Preparing toxicological profiles/health assessments
  • Compiling documentation related to the occupational and chemicals legislation (e.g. REACH and CLP) and other legislation
  • Education/training in toxicology.

COWI also offers toxicological evaluations as part of:

  • Risk assessments
  • Chemical management in your company
  • Preventive work, including the substitution of hazardous substances.

LAST UPDATED: 24.05.2017