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Environmental management and regulation

Photo: Niels Aage Skovbo
Environmental management and regulation is about creating an overview and managing opportunities and risks within the environmental field. COWI assists organisations in introducing and developing environmental management systems - and this often leads to substantial savings.

Environmental work has changed focus in the last decade. It is no longer only a question of complying with environmental legislation. Today, environmental initiatives are seen in relation to an organisation's strategy, image, risk management and cost consciousness.

Good business

It is often good business to implement environmental management. Even companies and organisations that believe they cannot save more are surprised at the value it generates.

The greatest added value is achieved when the system is developed by the employees, and is targeted towards supporting the business and the organisations’s core processes.

Risk and image management

Environmental management gives an overview of environmentally related risks so the organisation can plan its environmental measures and avoid costly cases that may damage the image of the organisation.

Simple and efficient

COWI has substantial experience in setting up simple and effective systems for environmental management, often in combination with the management of energy, quality, working environment and safety.

We have the experience and tools needed to assist our clients whether it relates to a few hours coaching or system design, development and implementation.

COWI has assisted several hundred companies and organisations in Denmark and abroad with environmental management since the first standards for environmental management were prepared in the early 90s.

LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2016