HSE site supervision

Photo: Stig Stasig

Clients with an eye on environmental management need to be sure that construction follows occupational health, safety and environmental regulations. COWI has many years of experience providing oversight tailored to clients’ environmental management and environmental requirements.

Construction work typically faces regulations limiting the amount of noise, vibration, water runoff and emissions the project may cause.

Clients are required to come up with a plan for occupational health and safety. If more than one company with over ten employees are involved in the project, the client will also be required to indicate how the companies will coordinate their efforts.

Coordination during construction


Safety coordinators of a client are often in charge of coordinating that all consultants and subcontractors take into account architectural, technical and/or organisational issues in order to plan the different phases of the work that are to take place simultaneously or sequentially.

High cost of non-compliance


Measures to improve occupational health and safety are expensive, but even more costly are work stoppages ordered by inspection authorities in the event they find that inadequate steps have been taken. Moreover, a client risks bad publicity if inspectors order work to be stopped.

Creating an effective construction site

COWI has broad experience coordinating improved employee cooperation on construction sites seeking to establish a healthy work environment and we can draw on experience working with public authorities and contractors. COWI has developed work routines that clients can use in their efforts to minimise the impact their project has on its surroundings.

Our services include:

  • Noise, waste and contaminated soil management
  • Environmental and occupational health audit
  • Noise, vibration and air control measurements
  • Safety coordination
  • Occupational health information campaigns

LAST UPDATED: 26.01.2016