Chemical and biological working environment

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Occupational chemical and biological safety covers the management of substances and materials, to which employees can be exposed at work. COWI provides consultancy services on how to eliminate and reduce exposure to hazardous substances and materials.

Working environment legislation covers a series of regulations on substances and materials at work. To many organisations, it is a challenge to generate an overview of the regulations and even more so to observe the regulations on a daily basis, including regulations relating to the substitution of hazardous substances and materials with less hazardous ones.

COWI has many years of experience in assisting companies in the management of chemicals.

Prevention in focusOur consultancy services include support within the following areas:

  • Chemical management
  • Procurement policy
  • Risk assessment/workplace risk assessment
  • Substitution and reduced consumption of hazardous chemicals
  • Workplace safety data sheets
  • Materiel safety data sheets

We carry out measurements and health-related assessments, and we train and instruct on safe handling of hazardous substances and materials.

Our consultancy covers all kinds of substances and materials whether they are in solid, liquid or gas form.

COWI holds an official authorisation as health and safety consultants issued by the Danish Working Environment Authority.

LAST UPDATED: 02.06.2017