Physical working environment and occupational accidents

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In a safe and healthy workplace, the physical conditions support the work thas is carried out. COWI provides consultancy services to organisations on how to create safe and healthy workplaces and prevent accidents and injuries.

Technological developments open new possibilities for creating conditions concerning noise, light, air, temperatures etc. which are optimized for the employees and the jobs they carry out. Organisations that take advantage of these possibilities are rewarded with more motivated and productive employees.

Consultancy services on all aspects

COWI provides consultancy services on all aspects of physical working environment, including:

  • Prevention of occupational accidents
  • Air quality/ventilation/air extraction
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics/noise
  • Heat/cold/draught
  • Cleaning
  • Indoor climate
  • Production layout
  • Machinery safety

By virtue of our expertise within fields such as construction and mechanical engineering, we are not only capable of providing consultancy services on safe and healthy physical settings. We also design and plan solutions and supervise that they are implemented and function as intended.

COWI holds an official authorisation as health and safety consultants issued by the Danish Working Environment Authority.

LAST UPDATED: 02.06.2017