Psychological working environment and ergonomics

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COWI provides consultancy services on how human resources can be released and how an organisation can be developed to use them. COWI also provides consultancy services in the field of adjustment of working conditions and occupational health and safety for people. This includes adjustment of machinery, tools and working positions.

More and more private and public companies focus on promoting the well-being of their staff. The measures vary from ensuring and improving a good psychological occupational health for those employees who are already thriving, to assisting and supporting employees who have psychosocial problems.

Focus on possibilities and development

COWI is working with all aspects of psychosocial problems on the organisational, group and individual levels.

Our starting point is that everyone has a psychological working environment and that the challenge is to create and maintain an environment which is beneficial for the individual employee and the organisation. This can be done, for example, by ensuring development opportunities for the individual, creating a balance between requirements and resources and giving each employee influence over the conditions that relate to him or her.

Focus on ergonomicsFocussing on good ergonomic conditions may improve productivity and prevent strain and attrition of employees. Many organisations acknowledge this. Thus they focus on ergonomics in connection with acquisition of machinery, inventory and tools, design of workplaces, organization of work and instruction of employees etc.

COWI's consultancy services cover all aspects of adjustment of occupational health and working conditions in relation to people.

Physical and organisational structureBy virtue of COWI's expertise in the construction sector, including our experience with office construction, we offer integrated solutions to our customers, in which the physical and organisational structures support business objectives.


LAST UPDATED: 05.02.2016