Safety coordination and supervision

Photo: Stig Stasig

Typically, the building owner/property developer is legally responsible for coordinating the occupational health and safety (OHS) at a site, where he/she is having a building constructed or civil works carried out. The building owner/property developer may transfer the tasks which follow from this responsibility to another company, and this is where COWI comes in.

Working environment acts often oblige the building owner/property developer to prepare a health and safety plan. Also, it is often the building owner's/property developer's responsibility to define and coordinate safety work where employees of two or more contractors are working at the site simultaneously.

Coordination during project design phaseSafety coordinators of a client are often in charge of coordinating that all consultants and subcontractors take into account architectural, technical and/or organisational issues in order to plan the different phases of the work that are to take place simultaneously or sequentially.

Creating an effective construction siteCOWI has broad experience coordinating and participating in the collaboration both in the project design phase and at the construction site when a healthy and attractive work environment are to be established. We draw on many years of experience working with public authorities and contractors.

Our services comprise:

  • Environmental health and safety audits
  • Drafting and maintaining of the health and safety plan
  • Safety coordination
  • Going safety rounds
  • Working condition campaigns

We also offer training programmes for safety coordinators.

COWI is certified in all areas of occupational health and safety consultancy, including working conditions at building sites.

LAST UPDATED: 26.01.2016