Workplace assessment, OHS management and R&D


A systematic, efficient and preventive approach to occupational health and safety (OHS) management positively affects the bottom line of a company.  COWI assists at all levels in transforming OHS into a strategic element in the development of a company.

Working environment acts typically specify minimum requirements to OHS work, whereas OHS management is for companies with higher ambitions.

The trend is that still more companies turn specifications of working environmental acts into something positive. They organise and carry out OHS work in a way that fits with the running of the company making the costs of OHS work a worthwhile investment.

A solid foundation

OHS management is a management tool that focuses on all significant health and safety concerns ensuring continuous improvement of the working conditions. A workplace assessment normally serves as the foundation for developing an OHS management system.

A good investment
Implementing OHS management is normally a worthwhile investment that carries with it the following benefits:

  • Increased business with clients that prioritise occupational health and safety
  • Systematic and safe work routines
  • Fewer accidents
  • Better relations with public inspectors
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Better employee retention and attraction
  • Higher level of workplace involvement by employees and management alike
Permanent improvements

Mapping a company’s OHS conditions and prioritising efforts to make improvements gives immediate results. As an authorised occupational health consultant, COWI can help by analysing and assessing current OHS conditions as well as any improvement initiatives.

We carry out and advice on cost/benefit analyses and analyses of the correlation between the working conditions and the social capital of a company on the one hand and the performance of the company in terms of productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and economy on the other.



Some companies seek to have their management system officially certified according to OHSAS 18001 or national orders or regulations. Others choose a simpler model.

COWI provides assistance that suits companies’ specific needs, and we can help define an appropriate health and safety management performance level based on the needs of the organisation.

COWI is certified in all areas of occupational health consultancy, including internal occupational health measures.

LAST UPDATED: 02.06.2017