Sustainable development

Photo: COWI
Sustainable development has worked its way up the agenda in the public as well as the private sector. COWI offers consultancy relating to all aspects of sustainable development and creates holistic solutions that benefit our customers, nature and the community.

Sustainability refers to many things, and is an often used – and misused – term. Some connect sustainability primarily to energy and climate. Others understand it in social terms, or to mean CSR, water or construction.

Coherence and synergy
But regardless of how you view sustainability, each of the various areas overlap. As an experienced consultant in all of the areas sustainability touches on, COWI is able to help companies by providing coherent solutions and by taking advantage of the synergies that arise from those overlaps.

Sustainability at COWIThe figue highlights some of our focus areas. We view sustainability not in terms of individual projects, but as the sum of all these initiatives.

LAST UPDATED: 20.07.2016