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Hazardous and health care waste

Photo: COWI
​COWI assists in waste management planning of hazardous waste and health care waste, including obsolete pesticides and persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

The environment and public health are seriously threatened if hazardous waste and health care waste, including obsolete pesticides and persistent organic pollutants (POPs), are not properly collected and disposed of.

From planning to implementation

COWI has the experience needed to assist with all aspects of hazardous waste and health care waste management. Our experience includes the devising of strategies and planning and implementing solutions.

We perform all services ranging from assessments and surveys through procurement to construction supervision and management for collection, treatment, transport, storage and disposal. We also provide technical and managerial training.


COWI has assisted customers in Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Mali, Moldova, Morocco, Oman, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine and Zambia, solving problems within the following areas:

  • Management of obsolete pesticides involving inventorying, repackaging, temporary storage, transport and disposal. 
  • Planning, design and organisation of regional collection systems, storage facilities, treatment systems and disposal facilities for hazardous waste. 
  • Development of new national policy on high temperature waste incineration and co-processing. 
  • Development of new classification system for hazardous waste in South Africa. 
  • Preparation of tender documents for the repackaging, collection, transport and disposal of different hazardous waste types (PCB containing waste, obsolete pesticides and redundant chemicals). 
  • Preparation of legal and regulatory instruments related to hazardous waste management issues. 
  • Financing and cost recovery of management of health care waste and obsolete pesticides. 
  • Planning and design of systems for storage, collection and treatment of health care waste. 
  • Preparation of legislative acts concerning safety adviser for transport of dangerous goods by road, and establishment of a vocational training system for safety advisers according to EU regulations. 
  • Preparation of National Hazardous Waste Management Plans and Strategies (either for all types of hazardous waste or for special types, e.g. mercury, lead acid batteries, waste oil, PCB and obsolete pesticides).

LAST UPDATED: 12.12.2016