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Sanitary landfills, sludge and sediment disposal

Photo: COWI
COWI is an active player in the development of modern solid waste handling and disposal systems including sanitary landfills.

The final destination for waste which cannot be recycled or recovered is a sanitary landfill.

A modern sanitary landfill, however, that meets today’s standards does not only include contained cells for waste deposition and leachate treatment and landfill gas handling. It also involves registration and monitoring facilities and efficient compacting equipment.

In certain cases it includes facilities for pre-sorting/ recycling and composting adjacent to the landfill area.

Handling of solid waste

During the last 30 years, COWI has been involved in numerous landfill facility projects. We have been an active player in the development of technologies and concepts for environmental safe contained landfills.

From projects undertaken for clients in Europe, CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States from the former Soviet Union), Africa and the Far East, COWI has substantial experience in:

  • Planning and design of landfill facilities for different types of waste, including environmental impact assessments
  • Development of cost-effective and modern landfill infrastructure at regional level
  • Training of landfill staff
  • Rehabilitation of old dump sites
  • Establishment of landfill gas utilization schemes (Joint Implementation/CDM projects).

LAST UPDATED: 01.02.2016