Waste collection systems

Photo: COWI
COWI provides services within waste collection, source separation, recycling, thermal treatment, biological treatment and recovery facilities.

Coherent waste collection and treatment schemes are necessary if waste is not to become an ever-growing problem. The schemes must provide viable solutions that satisfy users' needs.

COWI has taken part in developing the waste collection and treatment sector in a number of European countries. We have hands-on experience from all steps of the handling and disposal route gained via direct involvement in planning and design of full scale solutions.

Source seperation

COWI is a leading international consultant within source separation. We possess extensive experience in source separation schemes and in the establishment of civic amenity sites for disposal of recyclable waste.

Our know-how cover treatment technologies such as biological treatment (composting, anaerobic digestion), thermal treatment (incineration with energy recovery), materials recovery facilities and recycling plants for C&D waste.

Solutions for clients

COWI's 30 years of experience covers:

  • Technical solutions based on solid engineering and design
  • Sustainability through the design of the best organizational set-up, training of staff, information of users, etc.
  • Finding the best waste collection, transportation and treatment solution through cost-benefit analysis of alternatives and calculation of user charges, affordability analyses, identification of funding etc.
  • Assessment of potential for and benefits from private sector participation
  • Support for clients to obtain the best offers through a well planned procurement procedure for individual or integrated solutions applying considerations on type of contract (e.g. design and build contract or service contract of Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) character).

LAST UPDATED: 01.02.2016