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Waste management planning

Photo: COWI
Waste management planning from policy to technical solution is increasingly relevant due to the need for cost-effective and environmental sustainable solutions organised via PPP.

Worldwide, there is a growing need for sustainable and coherent solutions to municipal and industrial waste management problems.

COWI's experience in waste management planning ranges from policy-making and institutional development to technical design of integrated solutions for the handling and disposal of waste.

Public-Private Partnerships

During the last decade, the private sector has become increasingly involved in the delivery of waste services. COWI assists in identifying advantages and disadvantages and in establishing well-designed and transparent Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

The Public-Private Partnerships must generate significant and sustainable service improvements at affordable tariffs. This work also includes assistance during the entire procurement process.

Successful waste management solutions have to focus on more than the technical aspects. The capacity of the institutions involved is essential. COWI can provide training and capacity building, and assist in establishing inter-municipal co-operation schemes.

Tools for environmental financing strategies

We have developed several software tools for the preparation of environmental financing strategies for e.g. municipal solid waste services. These support our clients' transparent decision-making.

One of the tools, "FEASIBLE", has been developed for OECD.

LAST UPDATED: 01.02.2016