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Strategic Environmental Consultancy

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Sustainability and the environment are important strategic concerns for both the public and private sectors. COWI’s strategic environmental consultancy combines strategic experience from national and international projects with a high level of professional insight.

Sustainability and the environment have never been a bigger concern of elected offiicals and the public in general as they have been in recent years. The high level of attention has seen the public and private sectors integrating sustainability and the environment into their strategic considerations when looking to determine the direction of tomorrow’s growth.

Strategic focus and professional insight
Based on deep professional insight, COWI offers public and private sector managers sustainability and srategic environmental consultancy that seeks to identify aspects in the two areas with the greatest strategic value for an organisation’s future.

We offer a complete spectrum of strategic environmental consultancy, from due diligence prior to the acquisition or sale of a company or property to CSR and enterprise risk management.

COWI’s strategic environmental consultancy entails reporting, evaluation and facilitation of strategic development programmes involving a company’s primary areas of corporate risk and opportunity.

COWI is a seasoned provider of management consultancy for national and international companies. In addition to being deeply experienced consultants able to offer advice to support strategic decision making, our experts are also fully versed in international trends and global environmental considerations.

LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2016