Climate and carbon management

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
Climate change brings with it numerous challenges, but it could also be an opportunity. COWI has years of experience providing consultancy to public and private sector organisations seeking to create climate strategies that support their business activities.

Potential for improvement
The changes to our climate will affect living conditions for humans and other animals, but they will also have an impact on corporate operations in an increasing number of ways. Our experience is that, seen strategically and from a pragmatic point of view, climate change carries with it opportunities.

COWI’s strategic climate consultancy is based on a foundation of deep professional insight and extensive experience finding areas where greenhouse gas emissions can be cut, as well as analysis and interpretation of the consequences of climate change.

Business intelligence and deep professional insight

Among the core elements of our strategic climate consultancy are: business intelligence, political savvy, organisational and stakeholder analysis as well as identification of areas of interface with other strategies and projects.

Our consultancy draws on a thorough knowledge of past and present climate change initiatives and legislation.

Climate consultancy
COWI can draw on all its services to offer a comprehensive, value-added climate consultancy package. We can provide assistance at all points on the climate strategy spectrum – from development of effective strategies to implementation of specific initiatives.

LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2016