EDD and SDD advice to property investors

Photo: COWI
COWI has a vast experience in assessing environmental conditions for both small and large property portfolios nationally and internationally. This experience is a corner stone in our due diligence advice to our customers on their acquisitions or divestiture of real estate assets.

Property investors are establishing businesses in their own country and abroad to be part of the promising real estate market.

This international presence supports the continuous development of the real estate market.


COWI assists in improving the presentation of the environmental situation relative to the asset(s). This can be achieved through prospects or data room documentation. It can also be achieved by upgrading environmental aspects prior to the actual due diligence process in order to improve the position of negotiation.

AcquisitionAccess to documentation is often limited to data room reviews for many due diligence processes. COWI can assist in assessing the risk potential based on review of such documentation.

If exclusivity is agreed, there will often be permission to access the individual assets included in the transaction (phase 1). We assist customers in improving the understanding of the potential liabilities through phase 1 environmental site assessments. With the rapid mobilisation requirements, COWI's vast resource base is a definite asset.

LAST UPDATED: 05.02.2016