Ecosystems, protected areas and Natura 2000

Photo: Henrik Lynghus
Management of ecosystems and protected areas focuses not only on the conservation of species and biodiversity, but also on the function of protected areas as the vehicle for local socio-economic development.

International conventions on wildlife, habitats, migratory species and biological diversity guide international efforts in nature protection.

COWI are specialists in advising in all convention issues, including:

  • Ecological topics
  • Cultural and historical perspectives
  • Legal studies and analysis
  • Socio-economic and land-use topics 
  • Public participation 
  • Public relations aspects

Natura 2000 - the European network of protected areas

In the member states of the European Community, the EU Birds Directive and the Habitat Directive have laid the ground for a vast network of protected areas, the Natura 2000 Network. As the most ambitious plan for nature protection ever seen, this network sets out to conserve the biodiversity of Europe.

COWI has advised on the management and sustainable operation of individual sites and parts of the network. The conservation of the European nature is also a conservation of an important part of our cultural heritage.

LAST UPDATED: 05.02.2016