Nature restoration and wetlands

Photo: Martin Vestergård

Nature restoration and rehabilitation of natural ecosystems require careful planning, active intervention and civil works to restore them to their original state and function.

COWI plans and manages the restoration and rehabilitation of nature and wetlands.

The world's rivers and lakes are polluted by agricultural, industrial and domestic wastes. Wetlands are still being drained for agriculture and grazing or are being filled for urban development and infrastructure. The natural functions of rivers, lakes and coastal waters as vital aquatic ecosystems and of wetlands as nutrient absorbers are gradually being destroyed.

COWI is a leader in the field of planning and managing the restoration of some of the largest wetlands and ecosystems in Northern Europe along with lakes and water courses. The restoration and rehabilitation of natural ecosystems require knowledge of the area's cultural history, the use of the land throughout time and the intangible values of the nature in combination with experience in appropriate technical solutions.

From river valleys to urban parks

COWI provides a full range of consultancy services in this field:

  • Concept plans and priorities for action
  • Technical investigations - aquatic environment, hydraulics, biology, species protection, civil works and impact assessment
  • Engineering design, tendering and supervision
  • Visualisation of scenarios superimposed on maps and aerial photographs in 3D and as animated "fly-bys"
  • Facilitation of communication with land owners, the public and authorities

LAST UPDATED: 02.12.2016