Groundwater models and geological models

Photo: COWI
Geology and groundwater flow are closely combined in nature and in COWI's groundwater consulting services.
Whether the sustainability of groundwater abstraction is to be evaluated, or soil contamination threatens to pollute the groundwater aquifer or wetland, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of geology and groundwater flow.

COWI uses a number of PC-based modelling tools when we clarify these conditions. The models can help us determine catchment areas, leaching and the dispersal of chemical constituents and are therefore useful tools in our consulting services to groundwater customers.

We also use these modelling tools in connection with large construction work when the groundwater table needs lowering or when ground water is used for cooling.

Groundwater modelling and geological models

COWI is very experienced and proficient in the construction of geological models and hydrogeological models. We use Mike Geomodel and GeoScene 3D for geological modelling and interpretation, and we use Modflow and MikeSHE for hydrogeological modelling and the transport of chemical constituents.

COWI is also very experienced in the modelling of salt water using Femwater and COSI and the determination of infiltration and evaluation of nitrate leaching using DaisyGIS.

LAST UPDATED: 20.12.2016