Climate change adaption

Photo: Istock photo_Ricardo Azoury
Climate changes are major challenges to the efficient functioning of water, sewerage and stormwater infrastructure. COWI uses state of the art methods and tools to assist water utilities and public authorities to avoid or minimize negative impacts on the environment.

In some parts of the world, climate changes will result in more intense storms and rising sea levels. Both will have a negative impact on sewerage and stormwater systems.

Prevention of future climate changes

Our climate solutions focus on prevention of future climate changes and adaption to the changes that are already taking place.

Impacts from climate changes on sewerage and stormwater infrastructure are diverse and demand tailored and combined solutions taking into account e.g. age, state and geographical location of the existing infrastructure.

Overview of consequences

We provide overview of consequences with a combined approach using GIS, hydraulic modeling and other tools to define where flooding will take place and where the most serious and devastating effects can be expected.

We present solutions to reduce or prevent damages and use innovative technical solutions to control, redirect or store excessive amounts of stormwater that can at the same time be used as a recreational element in the landscape.

Research and development

COWI has played a central role in the development of new official guidelines for dimensioning of sewerage and stormwater drainage systems taking into account the effects from climate change.

We continue to develop and refine our tools for analyzing, prediction and visualization of flooding events.

LAST UPDATED: 15.07.2016