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Sewerage and stormwater drainage

Photo: COWI
For more than 50 years, COWI has provided consultancy services within wastewater and stormwater management throughout the world. Our experience includes planning, design and supervision of wastewater and stormwater management systems.

Worn-out sewerage systems result in heavy environmental impacts. Thus, many resources are needed in the years to come to secure a leak-proof and future-orientated sewerage system.

Sewerage planning

COWI prepares master plans and guidelines for management of wastewater and stormwater. 

We have prepared national guidelines, regional plans and municipal sewerage master plans world wide, especially in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Moreover, we were responsible for the preparation of sewerage master plans for half the population of Denmark.

Range of experience

Our experience ranges from country strategies to ecological treatment of wastewater from small communities.

We focus on integrating sustainable urban drainage solutions (SUDS) when planning for new urban areas or renovating existing systems with a view to create recreational improvements.

Our services include wastewater treatment and disposal as well as risk assessment and assessment of the effects of climate changes. Results are presented using 3D models, aerial photographs and web solutions.

Detailed design, construction management and supervision 

Our services include design of all kinds of new pipe systems, renovation of existing pipes, retention basins, pumping stations and sea outfalls.

Years of experience from working with wastewater rehabilitation have provided us with in-depth knowledge in minimizing the impediment of traffic and supply. This is achieved by careful planning and utilization of the latest NO-DIG design methods.

New means of collaboration 

As a partner we offer a great capacity and have wide experience in all types of technical solutions and means of collaboration, e.g. PPP and partnering.

Approximately 100 employees are engaged with assignments within the sewerage sector.

LAST UPDATED: 04.01.2018