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Not to act is immoral

The Australian top climate scientist Ann Henderson-Sellers wonders why the world community can respond so fast to bank failure but hesitate when it comes to the climate failure. She is one of the speakers at the Copenhagen climate congress March 10-12.
Ann Henderson-Sellers is an international leader in climate science after having spent over 35 years calling for action to mitigate and adapt to climate change. As a scientist Ann Henderson-Sellers has come to a point where she is, as she put it on Australian television recently, "frantically, hysterically worried".

"With the latest IPCC Assessment Report from 2007 the question is no longer about whethe" human activities are changing the climate, but about how fast and with what impacts? Frankly I find it discouraging that climate sceptics and greenhouse nay-sayers still get so much attention in our mass media - and apparently credibility with the general public."

The threats to the global climate being well documented, Ann Henderson-Sellers sees no reason not to act. She calls for a global culture change that will change the behaviour of mankind in favour of the climate. She says:

"In 1988 the Australian Greenhouse Conference used the slogan 'Not to decide is to decide'. Today the slogan should perhaps be 'Not to act is immoral'."

Read the background interview with Ann Henderson-Sellers (pdf).

By Henrik Larsen
Published: 10.03.2009

Climate research congress in Copenhagen

Approximately 2,000 researchers and experts from more than 70 countries will take part in the forthcoming congress 'Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions', at Copenhagen's Bella Center, from 10 to 12 March 2009.

During the congress the latest knowledge about the climate will be presented, along with ways to stop and adapt to climate change. Its conclusions will, by agreement with the Danish government, be disseminated to climate negotiators all over the world in advance of their meeting at the UN climate conference (COP15) in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Ann Henderson-Sellers speaks on March 10

Ann Henderson-Sellers will chair a session titled 'Detection and Attribution: State of Play in 2009' on March 10 at the Copenhagen climate congress.

COWI is one of eight sponsorsThe eight corporate sponsors of the congress are COWI, DONG Energy, VELUX, Vestas, Maersk Oil, the Confederation of Danish Industry, Novozymes and Rockwool.


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