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COWI is an international and experienced specialist in metro engineering. We deliver multidisciplinary services, constantly striving to develop efficient and innovative solutions to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Multidisciplinary Metro Consultants

For the past more than 20 years, COWI has delivered multidisciplinary engineering services for metro projects around the globe.
We have a proven track record for surface and subsurface metro projects and we can provide services covering the entire project life cycle, from feasibility study through preliminary and final design, supervision, operation and maintenance. 

COWI works around the world as Clients Engineer and Contractors Designer on Design & Build Projects, both alone and in joint ventures with other international and local consultants to create a valueadding team that meets the specific requirements of each project. Our ambition is to work closely with our clients to deliver world-class projects.

Amoungst others,we are presently planning the new southern line on Copenhagen Metro, working on the design of London Undergrounds Northern Line Extension and Red Line North Underground in Doha as well as assisting on the extension of Athens Metro.

Our services include Planning & Architecture, Civil Works, Mechanical & Electrical, Track & System and Area & Rights

Planning & Architecture

Metro stations are an integrated part of the city's transportation system and enabling smooth transit for the numerous users every day.

COWI develop station layouts for fuctional requirements and optimisation of safe and efficient movement of passangers. We focus on enhancing passenger experience from entrance to platform, using landscape architecture to blend stations with the urban surroundings and our specialist competence in lighting, acoustics and signage.

Our award winning design of Flintholm Station in Denmark is showcase of our experience in planning underground, at grade and elevated stations.

Civil works

COWI is recognised for delivering innovative and optimised solutions in temporary works design, underground stations, tunnels and shafts, elevated stations and elevated trackways.

We deliver metro projects in built up urban environments by combining these competences with our capabilities in hydrology, geotechnics, enivironment and traffic management.

Mechanical & Electrical

Passenger Safety is paramount. COWI specialises in developing holistic Fire, Life & Safety stratagies supported by crowd evacuation analysis and thermodynamic simulations including dynamic fire and smoke analysis.  Our mechanical and Electrical  specialists ensure that mechanical and electrical installations are designed as complete and integrated systems that fulfil safety, operational and maintenance requirements.


BIM forms an integral and important part of our design to ensure fully coordination and integration of all disciplines. In particular the BIM tool is becoming increasingly important as projects are often developed in parallel and under high time pressure. With 3D and other digital tools, we can collaborate closely with our customers and partners throughout an entire project and ensure efficiency and coherence between all the project phases and disciplines. We have created a new process model based on BIM. We call it the COWI ONE MODEL

Transportation system

COWI has expertise within all aspects of transportation systems, such as permanent way, signalling and train control systems, power supply, catenary systems (third rail), telecommunication, rolling stock and safety management (CSM).

We work with both establishing new and modernization of existing transportation systems, delivering durable and sustainable solutions. We have substantial experience with complex interface conditions and setting systems into operation.

Areas, rights and utilities

Handling land rights and ownership matters in infrastructure projects can be challenging. In COWI, we have more than 50 persons – primarily chartered surveyors and lawyers - directly involved in temporary and permanent land acquisition, resettlement, easements and secondary rights. Therefore we can support our clients globally in securing access to land required for infrastructure projects such as we have done for Copenhagen Metro.

Related services provided by COWI includes surveying and mapping of boundaries, updating cadastral data and utility relocation planning and design.

LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2017