Mobile mapping

COWI is operating mobile mapping systems to acquire terrestrial, high resolution 360 degree images and laser scanner data during an efficient car-based survey. Mobile mapping is generally used for road management, 3D city models and asset management.

Cost-efficient registration of road objectsThe operation of modern roads with a lot of road elements like traffic signs, safety barriers, marker posts etc. requires effective maintenance.

COWI operates mobile mapping systems that make data registration along roads extremely efficient. Using mobile mapping, the documentation of road objects and they surroundings can be captured with high accuracy.

360 degree survey of buildings and road surroundingsWith a 3D scanning of road sides, COWI makes it easy to survey not only road objects, but also the road surroundings, e.g. green areas, buildings facing the road and other elements with the mobile mapping system.

The 360 degree images can be used for adding facade details to 3D city models, thereby improving the geometric level-of-detail of the 3D facades.

The mobile mapping systems of todayThe advanced GPS system, determines the position and direction of the vehicle. In locations such as dense city centres, the GPS measurements are supported by inertial measurement units (IMU).

The camera captures 360 degrees images continuously while laser scanners simultaneously capture hundreds of thousands laser measurements each second.

LAST UPDATED: 07.07.2017