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360° insight for business decisions – Using natural capital accounting to take informed decisions

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Any business depend on natural capital. With increasing demand for natural resources and a changing environment, we can no longer take for granted that these assets are available for free, at low cost or at low risk. Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) provides a framework for assigning monetary value to natural capital and their services, making it possible to streamline sustainability into business strategies.

​The project "360° insight for business decisions – Using natural capital accounting to take informed decisions", develops and promotes a reliable and user-friendly methodology for Natural Capital Accounting (NCA). The methodology will be applied by companies, utilities and others in Scandinavia interested in addressing their drain and dependency on renewable and non-renewable natural resources.

Through company case studies carried out in close cooperation with selected universities in Scandinavia, the project develops a methodology and tools tailored to specific companies, production units and/or products.

By disseminating the findings to anyone interested in contributing to or embarking on NCA, the project brings out knowledge on NCA to a wide international audience. The partner involvement of universities and regional organisations ensures state-of-the-art approaches and a contribution towards further development of NCA.

The project has been launched by the COWI Foundation. It is targeted at companies, utilities and others in Scandinavia.

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The project is lead by COWI.


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