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Our 360° brand

Photo: COWI
There are many consulting groups in the world. But there is only one COWI. For the past 80 years we have developed a unique business model and our formula for success is simple and outstanding.

We create value for our customers by thinking 360° around the challenges we meet. The 360° approach leads to more coherent solutions for our customers - and ultimately coherence in society at large.

In COWI, we apply this mindset in everything we do - internally and externally. The 360° approach is the core of our brand.

Our 360° mindset applied

In COWI we pride ourselves on taking everything into account when we execute our projects. We do it for our customers, for ourselves - and for the future of the world. And to us, it's more than methodology - it's a mindset. Because this is the only way we can ensure that we unleash the full potential for our customers and society at large.

This 360° mindset is the core of our business model and it makes the difference between a good project and a great project.


LAST UPDATED: 25.05.2017