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Remediation of contaminated sites

Photo: Mogens Carrebye

COWI uses traditional excavation and more advanced methods like chemical oxidation and biological in situ remediation when a customer contacts us with requests for remedial actions on a contaminated site.

In recent years, the number of remediation methods available has increased considerably. This gives new possibilities for site clean-up whilst creating greater demands on the consultant.

Remedial actions are implemented partly to ensure a safe and reasonable land-use and partly to protect surface and groundwater. In the optimal solution, both technical and financial aspects are incorporated.

Remediation techniques

Traditional remediation techniques such as excavation and remedial groundwater abstraction can be used to avert risk from many types of pollutants.

In other situations, advanced technological approaches to remediation could be both environmentally and financially more advantageous.

In each case and in cooperation with our customers, we determine the best approach.

In situ remediation

COWI has worked with numerous types of advanced in situ techniques for many years. The methods we employ are single methods or combinations of methods.

Depending on local conditions at the contaminated site, the methods may include chemical oxidation, thermal steam injection, bioremediation, soil ventilation like vacuum extraction, and air-sparging.

Effective remediation of chlorinated solvents can be achieved with chemical oxidation using potassium permanganate.

Systematic approachCOWI has developed a systematic approach by which remediation alternatives can be identified, developed and evaluated for the purpose of selecting the most feasible remedial action in soil and/or groundwater.

COWI has test equipment and laboratory facilities at its disposal that can be used for determining the remediation method and for forming the basis for design of the projects.

COWI's expert consulting services include:

  • Excavation of contaminated soil
  • Abstraction solutions (pump and treat) 
  • Test to ensure the correct basis for design of remedial solutions 
  • Advanced in situ remedial solutions

LAST UPDATED: 26.01.2016