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Risk analysis and process safety

Photo: Louise Lindholst
The safety of human beings, the environment and capital assets is an important aspect of many COWI projects. With over 30 years of experience, we also work directly as consultants in the fields of safety and reliability.

Protection from unwanted events that could harm human beings or the environment or cause costly damage to infrastructure components is a requirement of modern society.

COWI includes safety and reliability in all aspects of the services we offer but also work directly with safety issues for working installations and installations that are being planned, engineered, constructed, modified or decommissioned.

Our knowledge of the handling of safety is combined with expertise in the fields of management, human behaviour, organization, the law, economics and engineering.

Experience in safety and reliability

Risk identification and removal of hazards require detailed technical knowledge and experience. If a hazard cannot be eliminated using a reasonable amount of effort, then plans must be made to deal with the hazard responsibly limiting the harm it can cause.

We make full use of the resources offered through COWI's organization. Our well-qualified staff and specialists cover many geographical areas and technical disciplines, including risk analysis, safety evaluation and emergency preparedness.

We also use our knowledge and experience  contributing to international development projects that aim to combine safety improvement with our clients' plans to reduce all types of losses, thus increasesing profitability.

LAST UPDATED: 22.07.2016