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Health, safety and environment

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COWI covers the entire consultancy spectre in the fields of environment and occupational health and safety. The combination of these services creates coherence and added value to our customers.

Safety, occupational health and environment are closely related areas – and in many cases overlapping. Addressing these three areas gives an overview, greater efficiency, motivates employees and ensures truly sustainable solutions.

COWI has a very broad resource base of several hundred employees covering these areas. We also hold substantial experience in project management and in integrating these services with engineer techniques and consultancy in social science and economy.

This broad resource base is necessary for allowing our provision of sustainable solutions to our customers.

Customers and COWI

Our customers include Danish and foreign companies, authorities and organisations. For companies, our consultancy services can be directed towards all phases of a company’s life cycle from establishment or acquisition over operation to sales or decommissioning and demolition. Similarly, our consultancy covers all phases in a product's life cycle from cradle to cradle.

We are quick to mobilise almost anywhere in the world through our international offices and a very strong network of cooperative partners.

Latest knowledgeWe use the latest knowledge and experiences ensured through our own developments, through participation in research and development projects and through efficient knowledge sharing across the organisation.

LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2016