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Investigation of soil and groundwater contamination

Photo: Michael Medgysi

Planning and completing investigations of soil and groundwater contamination require great proficiency and experience, which COWI's team of environmental experts all have.

For environmental authorities as well as private landowners, investigation of soil and groundwater contamination is the basis for evaluating risks and elaborating remediation and development plans for any given contaminated site.

COWI carries out all types of investigations of soil and groundwater contamination from initial mapping investigations to comprehensive investigations with delimitation of contaminants. We apply the results of the investigations when designing remedial actions and evaluating costs of handling contaminated soil and groundwater.

GroundwaterA contaminated site may present a risk to the groundwater and ultimately to the water for domestic and industrial use as well as for irrigation.

A group of COWI specialists within hydrogeology, chemistry and biology assess the risk for contamination of the groundwater using the risk assessment models most suitable for the specific case.

Soil gas and indoor climate
It is very difficult to determine whether the results of soil gas investigations are representative. We have thus formed a group of specialists in soil gas measurement, indoor climate and ventilation. This group is at the forefront in terms of evaluating these complex issues.

Our state-of-the-art mobile soil gas laboratory includes a mobile GC-MS for continuous measurement of volatile substances such as chlorinated solvents or oil and petrol components in soil gas.

Risk evaluation and remediation designThe type and scale of contamination greatly influence future land use of a site.

Consequently, we evaluate risks with regard to indoor climate, land-use, groundwater, etc. This enables us to plan and design remediation measures for the reduction of contaminant dispersion thereby increasing the usability of the area.

LAST UPDATED: 25.01.2016