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Investor relations

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COWI Holding A/S is the group's holding company, owned by the COWI Foundation and the employees.

The involvement of our employees in the circle of owners is an important part of COWI's strategy.

We believe that employee ownership will increase cooperation within our company and strengthen coherence between the company’s performance and the employee’s competencies and efforts. – In short, having employees in the circle of owners is an important premise for COWI’s future success.

The shares
COWI Holding A/S' share capital is DKK 282,200,500 (20,822,005 votes).
  • DKK 200,000,000 class A shares (carrying 20,000,000 votes) solely owned by the COWI Foundation.
  • DKK 73,506,700 class B shares (carrying 735,067 votes) owned by the COWI foundation, COWI employees and COWI Holding A/S.
  • DKK 8,693,800 class C shares (carrying 86,938 votes) owned by COWI Holding A/S.  


The COWI Foundation holds all A shares plus some B shares, in total 85 per cent of the share capital. Employees hold 15 per cent.

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Share price

The price of the shares is determined by the company’s equity value – a figure derived from dividing the company's net worth by its share capital. As of 31 December 2014 this was equal to DKK 326.30 per DKK 100 nominal share.

 COWI shares vs C20 and MSCI World


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