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When COWI offers advice, we analyse the implications of the assignment in social terms.

With mounting globalisation and greater integration in society, socioeconomic deliberations are crucial.

This applies both to the phases leading up to a decision on change and to any evaluation of the consequences of change for society's citizens and for macroeconomics as a whole.

COWI's consultancy includes the specialist areas of socioeconomics:

Application examples

Anthropology, ethnography, cultural analyses, ethnic groupings, integration.

Urban and regional plannin, urban regeneration, urban environment assessment, zone planning, localisation.

Funding and business economics, managerial economics, financing, accounting, project financing, rationalisation, private-public partnerships (PPP).  

Law, contracting, business law, criminal law, company law, legislation, regulation.

Political sciences, politology and public management, policy-making processes, stakeholder analyses, public-sector administration.

Educational theory and psychology, learning, behaviour, change processes, group dynamics.

Economics, traffic and transport economics, environmental economics, regional economics, energy economics, welfare economics, macroeconomics, economic models.

Sociology, social analyses, social influences, structures and systems, industrial sociology.

Traffic planning, public transport, route planning, tariff systems, user fees, queuing phenomena, motorist behaviour.

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