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The Story of COWI

Photo: COWI


COWI's story begins with a nightclub – the first in a series of innovative engineering solutions designed by ambitious employees throughout the company's history…

From the world's largest cable-stayed bridge in China, to development planning in Africa, and the Skjern river restoration project in Denmark – even polar bears in the Arctic have benefited from COWI's consultancy services.

The COWI we know today has a history stretching back more than 75 years.

Innovative spirit

It all began with a young engineer in a small apartment in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, who designed the largest nightclub in Scandinavia, and thereby took his first step towards creating the multinational company we now know.

The consulting firm, which soon has ten employees, is driven by a hitherto unknown innovative spirit that, little by little, shapes its identity.

COWI's history

COWI expands briskly, breaks the existing monopoly on bridge design and becomes the leader in its field. As the years roll by, new generations of innovators within the company help to shape social progress in Denmark and abroad.

Words and images have been used here to provide an insight into just a few of the many events that together make up COWI's history.

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